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Protection in a Handbook

Safety consultant and construction worker David Dahr is the author of Protection in a Handbook, the book to help homeowners understand liability issues and make sure their property is a safe work site when doing home renovations. Below you will find some testimonials and commentary about the handbook. Please note that while some government employees have positive things to say about the book, were very helpful with its research, and wished the author the best of luck with it, no government agencies were directly involved with the original publication and do not directly endorse Protection in a Handbook.

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It is also important to note that the handbook started its life in Nova Scotia, but over time research indicated that the applicable laws were different in name but very similar in other jurisdictions. The information in the book can be applied to all of Canada.

In fact, the most high profile example of a homeowner being negatively affected by these laws occurred in British Columbia.

Testimonials and Commentary

"It is my pleasure to recommend Protection in a Handbook by David Dahr. As a lawyer who practiced for thirteen years, and as a relator for nineteen more, I am perhaps more aware than most of liability problems that can attach themselves to the homeowner employing workers and contractors to work on their property; but David has revealed some surprises of which I was unaware. I have been impressed by his pure and driven desire to protect his fellow workers and homeowners, and make them more aware of how to best protect themselves. He is an apostle for safety.

This is a must-read for homeowners, workers, contractors and realtors who assist home buyers by providing names of prospective contractors. This book is concise, easy to read, and valuable."

Don Clark, B.A., L.L.B., A.B.R., Century 21 Classic Realty Ltd. Dartmouth N.S.

"Acknowledging Protection in a Handbook. I am pleased to receive in and know that it will prove a useful addition to the collection of Canada Housing Information Centre."

Leslie Jones, Manager, Canadian Housing Information Centre

"Re: Protection in a Handbook

The time measured in years that you have worked on this document has demonstrated your commitment to the project and issue. Your handbook will be a helpful addition to the resources that are available, in plain written language to homeowners and others who contract for services."

Jim LeBlanc, Director, Occupational Health and Safety Division, Nova Scotia

"Subject: Protection in a Handbook

I believe any tool, that can improve understanding of OH&S duties and responsibilities by the homeowner and other buyers of residential services, should be given serious consideration.

It takes an incredible amount of effort to develop a product and introduce it to the market. When it is a message most don't want to hear, it's doubly hard."

Mike Kelly, Executive Director of Services, Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association

"Thank you for providing me with a copy of your book, Protection in a Handbook! A Homeowner's Reference Guide.

You have obviously put a great deal of effort into researching and writing this handbook---for which you have my hearty congratulations! Through this publication, you have provided the homeowner with a great deal of relevant information. In focusing on the role of the homeowner in workplace health and safety. I believe you have identified an area which requires significant attention."

College of Continuing Education, Dalhousie University, Lloyd Fraser, Ed.D., Professor ( Continuing Education )

"Brother Dahr

I enjoyed talking with you concerning workplace safety and how it impacts the homeowner. I wish you the very best in your most important endeavours in the field of safety."

William K. Irwin, Jr., Executive Director, Carpenters International, Training Fund Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

Protection in a Handbook was been revised within the last year (in 2009) in order to be up to date with the current Occupational Health and Safety laws and legislation of Canada.


Electronic Edition

Download the NOW FREE Digital Book

Electronic copies of Protection in a Handbook are availabe in Portable Document Format (PDF) for a charge of $8.00 Canadian Dollars payable by Visa and Mastercard credit cards. UPDATE: The digital copy of the handbook is now free!

Hard Copies

Eventually we will be offering an automated shopping and shipping process for those who wish to purchase a hard copy of the handbook. In the meantime though we are accepting Interac Email Money Transfers from major Canadian banks and Credit Unions. Simply log into your online banking account and transfer $15.00 ($12.00 for the book, plus $3.00 for shipping within Canada) to David Dahr's email address. Then send David your mailing address and the information your bank requires such as the secret security question and answer so David can complete the transfer. Most financial institutions charge a fee for this service.

Even more information on Interac Email Money Transfers can found on the the Interac website.

(Alternatively, you can download a digital copy of the handbook for free and print it out on a local printer.)

Your should receive your hard copy of the handbook within two to three weeks of the transfer.

If you live outside of Canada and are interested in purchasing a hardcopy of the book, please contact author David Dahr directly.