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The Genesis Safety System

Safety consultant and construction worker David Dahr is the author of Protection in a Handbook, the book to help homeowners understand liability issues and make sure their property is a safe work site when doing home renovations. He is also the inventor of the Genesis Safety System, a lightweight, easy to install, and astoundingly versatile fall prevention system that can replace traditional scaffolding at a reduced cost while providing a superior level of safety.

Below you will find testimonials by users of the Genesis Safety System.

Testimonials and Use Examples

Genesis Safety System used on apartment building. 2nd image of the Genesis Safety System used on apartment building.

The contractor working on the apartment building shown in the accompanying images was very satisfied with the Genesis Top Plate Parapet Bracket. The cost of thirty of these brackets was less than the cost of renting and erecting conventional scaffolding and he got to keep it. His only cost on phase two of the project was the installation time.

"October 6, 2009
Incorporating Responsible Solutions
David Dahr
Safety Trainer Consultant

Homeowner waves from roof after installing the Genesis Safety System

First and foremost I must thank you for stopping by our property when the construction of our garage was taking place with concerns to our safety and offering us your product. The first tip you passed on to me was in regards to the placement of the ladder being placed 3 wrongs above the edge of the item being climbed, it made it much easier accessing off and on the ladder.

The Genesis (sic) Safety System that you designed was very easy to install for the first time user and made the job on a 10/12 roof a much easier and safer task! It provided a sense of security to my son who is not extremely comfortable with heights. The home Owners Safety Manual that you passed on for me to read was very informative, especially the section regarding property owners. I had not realised that it was in my best interest to be sure that diligence was taking place from the contractor position. After a few conversations with you I was given a lot of insight to safety at the Home Work Sight (sic) I can tell that this is a passion for you and you take safety seriously and care for the safety of people."

Sincerely, Kevin

Sackville, Nova Scotia

Trainees of the carpenter's union use the genesis safety system during their on-hands training. The Genesis Safety System used to assist the roofing of a structure created by trainees of the carpenter's union. Trainees of the carpenter's union use the Genesis Safety System on a test structure.

Trainees and instructors belonging to the carpenters union found the Genesis Safety System light, easy to install and easy to use. Only minimum training was required for the trainees to learn to install the system. With gable end brackets in place, erecting the roof trusses became very safe and comfortable.

With the gable end brackets in place the trainees were able to shingle the first four feet of the roof of the training structure. This allowed for easy installation of the facia railing. With the facia railing in place the gable end brackets could be dissembled. Once the gable brackets were disassembled the rest of the roof was shingled without the need or use of fall arrest.

"Mr. Dahr,

We at Mader's Roofing have been using the Facia Rail Safety System for quite some time now. It has proven to be quite a time saver. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is aluminium --and you do have to treat it with respect. That being said--it is very light weight and easy to get in position--that is the beauty of it--easy to use. We have used other types of steel constructed equipment for the same purpose --but far prefer the Genesis Product. When installing the rail system it is a lot easier holding up 4-5 lbs opposed to 15 or 20 at arms reach -three to ten stories in the air --believe me!!

Homeowner waves from roof after installing the Genesis Safety System

Having a solid -- protective rail at your eaves, basically eliminates cumbersome five point harnesses and lanyards that DO SLOW YOU DOWN!! My men are totally at ease once they see the rail system is in place below them--they know they can depend on that rail to stop their fall if that ever occurred. I do recommend they wear a five point harness along with the rail system on pitches 9/12 and greater--lets face it you don't get two opportunities to fall from three stories or more. We have found the rail system strong enough to put a tarpaulin across the base and use that for stopping debris from falling over the edge--we can control that aspect of things much better--less chance of damaging property or someone down below. I must say it has improved productivity on the roof by 40-50%. Our jobs are getting done far more efficiently -- at heights--with the fear factor GONE!

Thank you for engineering such a strong -durable -- dependable device--it has increased my profitability and gives me peace of mind!"

Yours Truly,

Larry Mader C.E.O. Mader's Roofing & Masonry LTD.

Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

MacDonald roofing uses the Genesis Safety System extensively on the side of a two story building.

Jim MacDonald of Jim D. MacDonald Roofing and Masonry reports that one company wanted rent of $3100 to erect 50 feet of scaffolding -both sides, and take it down one week later. That would buy enough Fascia Railing to work on both sides of the roof.

Dineen construction uses the Genesis Safety System on a commercial project.

"Once we put up the first two, the rest was swift and easy. It is stronger than it first looked."

"The gable end bracket is versatile and easy to work with. The boys feel secure when working on it and that is number one with me."

Steve Doiron of Dineen Construction Limited and

Andy Archibald, Site Supervisor, Dineen Construction Limited respectively

The Genesis Safety System installed on a structure inaccessible by scaffolding.

Proximity to tress would have made it impossible to to erect scaffolding on the ends of this house. Three Top Plate and three Gable End brackets erected by two inexperienced hands provided a safe working platform that spanned the whole width of the building.

Valhalla Holdings used the Genesis Saftey System on a five story apartment building.

Jim, an experienced roofer, made a pony wall between the 6x6's to secure three Gable End brackets to provide a perfect railing and platform to work off.

He thinks Genesis is the best gear he has ever used for his work.

After using this system only two or three times, two men were able to take it down and reassemble this platform under another dormer -in just one hour.

Site: Stonybrook Court, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jim, Valhalla Holdings


Contact David Dahr to discuss how you could become a distributor of the Genesis Safety System. Dave is open to speaking to anyone interested in investing in the Genesis Safety System. Those looking to purchase patent licences for manufacturing and marketing would also be welcome.