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Welcome to Protection in a Website, the home of Protection in a Handbook and the Genesis Safety System.

Ordering Policies

As we sell a handbook, and the quality of books is subjective, we cannot offer any refunds on Protection in a Handbook. If there is an issue with your order we will work with you to resolve this issue or find an alternative means of sending you the book provided we can confirm payment has been made.

Your Information

We do not use your email address for any purpose other than facilitating delivery for those who have purchased an electronic copy of our handbook or responding to enquiries. To make a purchase by credit our payment processor will ask for your name, address, card number, etc, as appropriate. They only use this information to process the payment.

The Book

When you purchase an electronic copy of the book you will be sent to a web page that contains a URL pointing to a copy of the book. An email message with the same information will be sent to the email address you provided. This URL is a time limited hyperlink that lasts for seven days. If you need an additional copy after those seven days please contact us. At this time, the book is only available in English.

The book is made available as single Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

PDF is an cross-platform, open format and can be read by many programmes. PDF readers are already installed on most home computers. The Free Software Foundation Europe provides a list of free software PDF readers. Wikipeida also provides a list of PDF related programmes.

Miscellaneous File Information

If the file opens up correctly after downloading it everything should be fine. However, for the more technically inclined we provide more details about the file here so you can be sure that it downloaded in its entirety and well. (i.e., With integrity.) The file is 12,018,480 bytes in size and has an md5sum of 5eb1c73cb7fd2d339d2cb5ee2e32669c.